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As the COVID-19 crisis escalates, we are faced with a multitude of challenges. With governments taking strict measures to reduce the impact of the crisis, small, local businesses have to close and instead, look for innovative ways to keep their revenues afloat. Food on Our Tables aims to bring small local entrepreneurs and all of us, working from home and trying to be good samaritans. Our initiative aims to provide a framework of community-driven support, where we care for each other and go through these difficult times. Together. 

The hospitality industry needs our help!

One of the industries heavily affected by the coronavirus outbreak is the hospitality industry. In multiple European countries, restaurants, cafés and bars have been asked to shut down. In others, it’s just a matter of time until local governments put similar measures in place. A lot of these businesses need a constant flow of customers to generate the revenue to even subsist. A lot of these businesses are run by individuals or families who have used up all of their resources to be able to provide us with delicious food and drinks. And these days, as they have to close for an undetermined period of time, they still have to pay their staff, their rents, their bills and loans. 

And we need to learn how to cook…

On the other hand, we are sitting at home, staring at cans of beans and packs of pasta, not always knowing what to do with them. It was easy when we could go and pick up some meatballs from our favourite take-away, wasn’t it? It was easy when we could have our favourite cocktail in the city, rather than trying to figure out how the cocktail shaker even works, only to realise we don’t even have ice, wasn’t it? 

So, what if we came together and tried to help each other? 

Ok, so, how does this work?

Our purpose is to provide #foodonourtables, by helping hospitality businesses go through this crisis without having to close shop, and by supporting those at home to eat good, healthy food. 

Before we figure out the next steps, we want to encourage you to offer and ask for help. We have gathered a collection of ideas, some of which are being implemented by some businesses already. Our aim, for now, is to put together as many ideas on how we can support each other. Use them, share them and help us spread the word!

And don’t forget to use #foodonourtables #supportyourlocalbusiness and tag us @foodonourtables.

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    We are working hard to take this initiative to the next level, and your support can help us reach our goal! In the next few weeks, we will do our best to gather resources, tools, people and more. Stick with us, spread the word, and if you know anyone who can help, please get in touch!