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We had our first online meet-up to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the hospitality industry

A few of us met online to discuss these matters and come up with creative solutions. Together. Globally.

One thing is obvious, whether you are in Bucharest, Vienna, New York, or any city impacted by COVID-19, local hospitality businesses are struggling. On the 24th of March, a few of us had an online meet-up to discuss these matters and start thinking about solutions. Together.

Here are the highlights of our discussion

– Delivery doesn’t really work and it’s not a long-term solution. People need raw products more than cooked food. Plus, it can be risky.

– There is a lack of clarity around government policies and new measures. A recurrent theme of the call was the fact that nobody knows exactly what their government is doing or how to apply for relief.

– Given the uncertainty and daily changes in measures taken by local governments, it is hard to build a long-term plan.

– While vouchers are great, they are not enough to support local businesses.

– A lot of business owners cannot assume the responsibility of asking their staff to be working during this period.

– It is important to stay active and relevant and do good these days. On the platforms that are available to us, be it on social media, or on a video conference. This will help local businesses keep their communities engaged and show them that they care.

– A solution to keeping businesses afloat may be reinventing and repurposing them. This is not only to be able to keep some cashflow coming in, but also to support local communities.

– It is a time when big businesses that are flourishing (for example supermarkets) should make a difference and support local businesses and local communities.

– If businesses cannot do anything now, but will somehow manage to survive the crisis, what is it that they can do once this is over?

– Although unfortunate, maybe the death of some local businesses is something we all have to be ready for. And think about reopening when it’s time, again, be it in a year, two, three, or more.

– It would be helpful if accountants, lawyers and business consultants could provide some form of pro bono support for local businesses to help them during the crisis.

Here is a gallery of the most inspiring thoughts from the call

If you find any of them as inspiring as I did, save it/them on your device and share it/them on your social media.

What are the next steps and how can you get involved?

With Food on our Tables, my purpose is to create a small global community of entrepreneurs from the food sector and come up with creative solutions to tackle this crisis.

This was the first online meet-up, but we are not planning on stopping here. I will continue hosting these events and update you on the conversations we are having.

Here are a couple of things you can do to help:

– If you are passionate about the hospitality industry or work directly in it, and are interested in joining our conversations, get in touch and I will keep you updated with what’s happening next.

– If you know any accountants, lawyers or business consultants who would be willing to share their knowledge with local entrepreneurs, please reach out.

– If you like this initiative and believe in the power of thinking globally and acting locally, please share it further.

Stay safe,


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