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10+ new initiatives that tackle the COVID-19 crisis in the food and drink industry

How is the food and drink industry tackling the COVID-19 crisis? Explore 10+ fresh ideas and get your dose of inspiration from people in the industry.

The food and drink industry was quick to mobilise as soon as the COVID-19 crisis has started. I have been on the look-out for inspiring projects around the world and have put together a new collection of ideas, on top of the list of 30-something initiatives I shared two weeks ago. Discover how food and drink businesses are tackling the COVID-19 crisis!

  1. Florian Schuhmann-Irschik from Quantum Winery, started Drinking Against Sinking, to support winemakers’ distribution networks. How does it work? Natural winemakers can bottle any of their wines using the Drinking Against Sinking label. The proceeds from the sales support their distribution network (shops, restaurants), as well as their own businesses.
  2. Gault&Millau Romania has started supporting restaurants in Romania by creating the largest ‘online restaurant’ in the country. During this period, their website has turned into a platform where you can find the restaurants that do deliveries or pick-up. The initiative aims to encourage people to share a meal together, even if they’re not physically together.
  3. Solidar Local is a project that aims to support local businesses by organising an online festival. In order to get ‘tickets’ to the festival, you have to place an order from a local producer.
  4. Blue Hill at Stone Barns offer boxes which include fruits, vegetables, and some pre-made goods, bread and others. They also encourage donations for the ‘Hospital box’, a care package designed to feed 10 front line workers.
  5. Bucharest Coffee Waves have moved their local coffee week online, with masterclasses around sensory skills, latte art and more.
  6. Fix me a Drink are delivering pre-batched cocktails in Bucharest.
  7. In their Instagram stories and feed, MAD have been featuring what restaurants around the world are doing to cope with the situation. Follow them for constant inspiration. On their website, they have also gathered a map of businesses that are still open, worldwide. It’s not heavily populated yet, so if you are a food and drink business owner, send them the details of your business.
  8. There are increasingly more online meet-ups and webinars that invite food and drink business owners to discuss the most pressing issues. James Beard Foundation has started a series of webinars. With Food on our Tables, we have been holding weekly meet-ups where we brainstorm problems and generate ideas, together. Register your interest here, if you’re interested to join the next meet-ups.
  9. Like with online meet-ups, Instagram lives have become more popular than ever. Die Parf├╝merie, Amass and others have been organising live sessions with people from the industry to discuss the crisis.
  10. Fine Dine Quarantine is a new Instagram account that invites people from the industry to share simple recipe videos. The Michelin Guide has started a new recipe sharing project, where they invite chefs from around the world to share recipes to make at home. Many restaurants, chefs and food bloggers have started doing the same.
  11. Restaurants and other food businesses have started selling the wines they have in stock. Amis de la Fete and Anika in Bucharest are two examples.
  12. Restaurants have come together to deliver meals. The Good Hood Deal, in NY is offering a pre-paid lunch card for five meals that come from five different local businesses.
  13. Restaurants around the world have been promoting their suppliers, so that the public can order produce directly from them and support their business. Some examples include Brat Restaurant in London, Tian Restaurant in Vienna and Paine si Vin in Bucharest.

I am constantly looking for innovative ideas that the food and drink industry is doing to cope with the COVID-19 crisis! If you know other great initiatives, please reach out!

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