Online Meet-ups

Join us on our quest to find creative solutions for the hospitality industry during and post COVID-19

We’re gathering a group of people from the hospitality industry, to come up with creative solutions as we go through this crisis. Globally. Join us!

I’ve already told you about our initial online meet-up in this blog update. And I’ve also told you that we’re not stopping there. My purpose? Simple: to gather a group of like-minded individuals, be it people from the hospitality industry or people who are passionate about business innovation, and collectively support each other with ideas and expertise during and post COVID-19.

Why global? Because I strongly believe that by thinking globally, we will be able to come up with better solutions. And learn from each other’s challenges and successes.

How can you join our online meet-ups?

Are you a restaurant owner? A chef? A coffee shop owner? A bar owner? A food blogger? A restaurant consultant? A baker? A farmer? A winemaker? A food trend researcher? A food photographer? Do you love this industry? Join us, and let’s be stronger together!

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