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Online meet-up #3: how can businesses work together during and post COVID-19?

Discover 13 ways in which food and beverage businesses can work together to survive the current crisis. Watch or listen to the whole online conversation.

Last week we met up online, once again, to discuss some of the challenges the food and beverage industry is facing during and post COVID-19. The focus of the conversation was how businesses can work together in order to survive the crisis. Find out the highlights, as well as a full recording of the conversation below.

The guests

  • Adi Raihmann, Karma Food, Vienna
  • Maarten van der Jagt, Giraffe Coffee Roasters, Rotterdam
  • Gilles Reuter, Die Parf├╝merie, Vienna
  • Alex Ciomartan, Fix me a Drink, Bucharest
  • Alex Dumitru, Anika Restaurant, Bucharest

The highlights

13 ways in which food and beverage businesses can work together during COVID-19

  1. Work together with big partners or suppliers who are more financially stable during a crisis.
  2. Host Instagram live podcasts with people from the industry, or live cooking, coffee making and cocktail making classes.
  3. Start a slack channel where f&b businesses from the same country share information from banks, tax advisors and other governmental measures.
  4. Share a PR or marketing company that can help multiple businesses at the same time, through similar challenges.
  5. Share resources between businesses, for example, packaging or deliveries, to reduce the overall cost.
  6. Share any unneeded space with other initiatives who may need it. For example, Giraffe Coffee Roasters offered one of their spaces to a local initiative that brings local products together and packages them in a box.
  7. Set up online interviews and meet&greets with partners and suppliers.
  8. Organise daily cooking classes which keep the community engaged on a constant level.
  9. Create personal connections with your community. For example, Karma Food will be helping their community come up with dishes based on what they have available.
  10. Repurpose your business to support others, whether they are small food artisans or artists. For example, Artichoke Social House coffeeshop in Bucharest is going to turn into a shop during this time.
  11. Create an international network with similar businesses, especially when your business involves international deliveries, like coffee, for example. So, a coffee roaster from a country could send their beans to another roaster to support one another, share practices, identify trends and most importantly, start a broader conversation.
  12. Start a joint cookbook with multiple small businesses.
  13. Partner up with a postal service to broaden the reach of your products nationwide.

Other resources and ideas to help your f&b business during Covid-19

  • is a great tool for inputting 20 different addresses and optimise your delivery route.
  • Repurpose any materials you may have available. At Fix Me A Drink, Alex reuses otherwise wasted bottles to package their cocktails.
  • We have just opened up our Slack channel where we will continue sharing thoughts, ideas and initiatives, as well as organise future meet-ups. If you are interested in joining us, reach out here.

Watch the full discussion here

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