Bottomless Portafilter: Everything You Need to Know

A bottomless portafilter for your espresso machine could give your brewing experience a new twist, regardless whether you have been roasting your fresh espresso beans for such a long time you’re just starting out as a home barista.

If you have a new espresso machine, switching your conventional portafilter for a bottomless portafilter can be of great help.

When you’re just learning how to make espresso, watching your single shot of flavorful espresso dribble out of the portafilter can help you spot areas for growth, work through brewing problems, and experiment with your technique.

Keep reading this article to learn more about bottomless portafilter

What is a bottomless portafilter?

An espresso machine’s extraction procedure requires a portafilter. The filter basket, which is filled with delicious, finely ground espresso beans, receives water from the espresso machine’s reservoir.

The coffee basket’s bottom is visible when using a bottomless portafilter with the spout removed. The brewing process is unaffected by removing the spout, although you may be able to identify issues more accurately if something goes wrong.

How to choose a bottomless portafilter

Here is a buying guide if you decide it’s time to purchase a bottomless portafilter.

Compatibility with your espresso machine

First, check if bottomless portafilters are available for your espresso machine even though the same company makes the portafilter and espresso maker, that doesn’t guarantee compatibility.

Some 58mm portafilters are compatible with many manufacturers of espresso machines, while others are not. Shape, lock-in position, and side tab thickness can all differ significantly. In general, selecting a portafilter made with your espresso machine in mind is better.


There are numerous handle choices same as coffee knock box in the market. Some are constructed with ergonomic angles that make it simple to tamp on a flat surface or lock in the group head. Others, meanwhile, have an expertly carved wooden handle or a plastic handle. The one you choose will depend on your personal preferences and price range.

Portafilter basket

The quality of the beverage will depend on the filter basket you put in the bottomless portafilter. Of course, you can upgrade or use the filter baskets that come with the device. Take an IMS basket with a nano quartz finish as an illustration. Make sure the portafilter’s diameter can accommodate the basket if you do this. Pick the appropriate size from a single or double basket; some brands now offer triple-shot baskets.

Final thoughts

As this article has indicated, bottomless portafilters offer a great way to hone your tamping technique since they let you see exactly what’s happening in the filter basket and make informed adjustments until you get the perfect shot. This is not really the case with regular portafilters or coffee machine filter papers, which frequently force you to address any problems through guesswork because you cannot clearly see the brewing process.