Making the ultimate breakfast burger with the best natural cheese slices

A combo of ingredients from meat and vegetables to bread makes for a balanced breakfast. Does this not sound like burgers? In case you are doubtful about burgers making your menus for morning meals, several burger-themed restaurants are doing it. Here’s why adding those juicy, delicious burgers to your morning restaurant menus is a very prudent approach for your business. 

If you are able to address the issue of ‘what’ goes on in your morning burgers, burgers can be a good choice for breakfast when you take care of them. In the first hours of the day, food items with good nutritional value are good for the stomach. Burgers for breakfast are super fun when you top your beef patty with egg, bacon, natural cheese slices, and some slices of avocado sandwiched between fresh buns. Replacing buns with waffles is also known to please some customers. 

People enjoy different meals throughout the day, and one with enough protein and carbs to energize the body and mind is ideal for a morning meal. As a matter of fact, burgers can supply enough protein and carbs to keep the stomach full until launch. To make things even better, they are so pleasing to the palates with the goodness of cheese in them – the thing you need to inspire a good mood throughout the day. 

The key to making your morning burgers taste amazing is proper cheese selection. Tens of cheese varieties are available in the market for your burgers, but not all make the best cheese for burgers. This is where Pure Dairy, with its finest collection of good melting cheese for burgers – Natural Cheddar cheese and Swiss Cheese slices can help your business. 

Natural Cheddar Cheese and Swiss Cheese for Great Burgers!

Natural Cheddar cheese and Swiss cheese are some of the most popular burger cheeses. Burger connoisseurs desire cheese with a rich flavour profile in their burgers. On the other hand, Cheddar and Swiss cheese serve just the needful. 

Swiss cheese slices have a sweet and nutty flavour with a smooth, shiny texture – thus complementing the flavour of the beef patty.

Baby cheddar cheese (aged for a few months) has a buttery flavour with a creamy texture, whereas cheddar cheese aged for a year or so has a delectable, sharp and tangy flavour. One of the main reasons why cheddar cheese is so popular is due to its pleasing after-taste in burgers, and its sharp, tangy flavour provides a nice sweetness of buns. 

What also makes these cheeses so desirable for burgers is their good meltability and versatility. Cheddar cheese slices and Swiss cheese slices are globally popular for their good melting point. These cheese slices melt consistently throughout the beef patty without overpowering other ingredients. These good melting cheese for burgers thaws perfectly on a hot patty giving it a nice aesthetic look. When you put a slice of Cheddar cheese or Swiss cheese in your burgers, they become a gel.

These cheeses were designed to melt, and as so many burger nerds have experienced, these cheeses are the best burger cheeses by a mile. They maintain a thick texture as they thaw when put onto a hot burger patty instead of separating or becoming runny (a stage most cheap burger cheese slices exhibit). 

Pure Dairy – Where Your Cheesy Dreams Come True

Natural Swiss cheese and Natural Cheddar cheese – Pure Dairy’s burger cheese collection – are made with pure dairy products without involving the use of any artificial food colour or preservatives. On the lookout for a collection of creamy, perfectly melting, and versatile burger cheese for your restaurant or fast food chain business? You know where to find them!

Pure Dairy supplies a variety of burger cheese slices in bulk across Australia – all of which offer unparalleled melting and consistency across hot and cold burgers. Pure Dairy’s burger cheeses strike quality with Swiss cheese slices and Cheddar cheese slices. The world-class burger cheese from a single supplier is sure to give your regular cheese supplier a run for their money. With Pure Dairy’s burger cheese slices in them, you can let your burgers do the talking for you.

As a bulk supplier of the best-quality burger cheese slices in Australia with unmatched delivery service at their disposal, Pure Dairy’s burger cheese collection has won several national, and international dairy awards and many restaurant chefs see their product as a top pick for burgers. To kick start the New Year with delicious burgers, their burger cheese slices could be the right cheese your chefs need to channel in the hidden burger slinger in them.