How is ready-to-use cheese sauce preserved?

Can liquid cheese sauce be stored for a long time?

Usually, liquid cheese sauces consist of a mixture of ingredients such as natural cheese, dairy products, fat, starch, and hydrocolloids. These ingredients, however, are prone to microbial spoilage, especially natural cheese.

Melting raw cheese often gets rid of bacteria, yeast, mould, and spores, which can survive the heat. Due to the subsequent spoilage, cheese liquefies since spores grow and produce gas and off flavours.

To make shelf-stable cheese products, researchers developed safety standards, using harmless preservatives that made cheese sauce safe to store outside of chill cabinets without spoiling. In preservatives, microbial growth or unwanted chemical reactions are inhibited, which is why food doesn’t decompose. Additives can be used as preservatives, but there are many other ways to preserve food.

A food preserver can be antimicrobial or antifungal, which prevents bacteria and fungi from multiplying, or an antioxidant, which prevents food constituents from oxidising. As well as preservatives, cheese sauce contains antimicrobial agents. In food, antimicrobials inhibit or inactivate spoilage microbes. With food processors searching for better tools to improve food safety, the latter function has gained importance in the past 10–15 years.

Manufacturing Process of American cheese sauce

Cheese blocks had to be cut up into small pieces to go into the shredding machine. A milling machine milled the shredded cheese. Various ingredients are added sequentially in a laboratory-style process using cheese, skim milk powder, butter, NaCl, preservatives, stabilisers, and emulsifying salt as needed. Once the mixture is mixed for a minute, it gets processed. As a control, the composition is adjusted without adding any preservatives. Under indirectly heated steam at 1.5–2.0Kg/cm2, the mixture is cooked for 10 minutes at 85–90°C. After filling glass jars (150g) with the melted cheese sauce, they are capped right away.

Packaging system

Once the liquid cheese sauce cools down, it is further packaged into a 1kg bag, with a carton containing 5×1 kg. Through resourceful improvements in manufacturing processes, Pure Dairy is capable of reducing waste, increasing productivity, and lower inventory to save money and increase profitability. By applying the principles that have been proven in manufacturing to product development, the result is lower development costs, faster product introductions, and higher top-line growth.

Pure Dairy recognises the importance of quality control and quality assurance programs. It is essential to follow comprehensive programs to ensure that products delivered to customers are safe and of the highest quality. A Good Manufacturing Procedure is in place at Pure Diary to ensure food safety and quality.

Where to buy Liquid cheese sauce in bulk for business?

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