This Grilling Season BBQs 2u Introduces Kamado Joe – Classic I – Discovery Pack

BBQs 2u has been around for over two decades now. Over this period, they have guided many grilling and smoking enthusiasts as they are a big one. BBQs 2u is a family-owned business that sells barbecues and related accessories of brands from the UK and the US. They are dealers for famous barbecue brands like Masterbuilt, Napoleon, Ooni, and even Kamado Joe.

Most of their grills are compact in size and portable. Of course, users can get their hands on big size grills as well. Furthermore, the grills are designed keeping in mind the ability of different users. Hence, it is possible to find grills that are gas-powered as well as charcoal-fueled. Also, there are always special packs available for beginners like the Kamado Joe – Classic I – Discovery Pack.

The pack is best suitable for learners. It includes almost everything that any beginner will need to enjoy their first grilling or smoking experience.

Items included in the Kamado Joe Classic 1 with Discovery Pack are:

  • Kamado Joe – Classic I
  • Kamado Big Block XL Lumpwood Charcoal 9Kg
  • Kamado Classic Joe Grill Cover
  • Half Moon Cast Iron Reversible Griddle – Classic Joe
  • Half Moon Cast Iron Cooking Grate – Classic Joe
  • Pizza Stone – Kamado Joe Classic Models
  • Kamado Joe Fire Starters

The Kamado Joe – Classic 1 is a very well-designed Grill. Its tandoor-like shape allows it to cook vegetables, fish, and even meat to perfection. Furthermore, its divide-and-conquer cooking system makes it the best. Yes, Kamada Joe has changed the traditional grill grate and made it more versatile and functional.

Replacing the ordinary grill grate, they have installed a grill grate with the half rack design. As a result, smokers and grillers can cook food on two different heat levels within the same grill. With a multi-level grill grate, you get double the cooking space, different heat zones for cooking, and custom cooking surfaces.

Besides, the Classic – 1 includes:

  • Premium 18″ Ceramic Grill along with a cast iron cart and wheels with a locking facility
  • Built-in Thermometer
  • Foldable side shelves and handles
  • Half Moon Heat Deflectors x 2
  • AMP Firebox
  • Patented slide-out ash drawer
  • Grill gripper
  • Ash tool

Kamada Joe offer grills in many other design and sizes. Some of their best grills are Classic I, II & III, Big Joe II & III, Big Joe Jnr, and Kettle Joe. All these grills are fuel efficient and have thick walls with an outer ceramic layer that helps in maintaining the inner temperature.

BBQs 2u is a perfect one-stop shop to find all Kamado Joe – Classic Joe BBQs. The passionate business owners have picked every brand and product very meticulously over the years. They have tested a variety of products and finally added only the best ones to their catalog. Interested buyers can get in touch with them directly using their website, or via social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Talking to them always helps the customers in picking the right barbecue grill for their needs. After all, buying a high-quality and efficient barbeque is certainly an expensive investment.